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Dt. C E R E N  E R D O Ğ A N


Born on 30/3/ 1977. After graduating from the Bilfen College, she was enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry of Marmara University in 1994 and spent three months as apprentice to the Royal Dentist Jon Bolsted in Oslo/Norway in summer 1996. 


Following her graduation in 1999 from Turkeys one and only Faculty of Dentistry teaching in English, Dt. Erdoğan studied Esthetic Composite Laminas along with Dt. Engin Taviloğlu and opened her own consulting rooms in 2001. Dt. Erdoğan has become partners with Yusuf Trana in 2004.After two years working together they founded DisPerisiClinic in 2006. She's married and has one child.


Dt.Erdoğan; especially works on Individual Smile Design, Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.

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