L A M I N A T E   V E N E E R


When composite applications are added to the most recent miracle of aesthetic dentistry                         " Laminate Veneer ",  you can start to smile much brighter in such one session.


The greatest advantage of this application is the fact that it could be complated in a single session.

Thanks to this system, many cases which are thought to be "uncurable withouth the use of porcelain" are assesed and solved in just one day  with the exeption of those who suffer from problems in both their lower and upper jaws who should reserve 2 days for this application.                        

In this system, the teeth and gums are virtually unaffected.


After the teeth are slightly roughened, a composite filling for the front area is applied. The physician shapes the teeth as desired and then asks the patient's opinion. If any, the patient's special requests     ( such as longer or more angled teeth ) are also accommodated in the session.




W h o  A r e  E l i g i b l e  F o r  T h i s  T r e a t m e n t


Those who have widwly set front teeth

Those who are uncomfortable about the color of their front teeth

Who show more gum than ordinary while laughing and smiling

Those who suffer from root gaps due to intensive brushing or age ( cousing sensivity )

Those who have traumatic fractures in their front teeth

Those who are uncomfortable about the shape of their front teeth

Those who have birth marks on their front teeth

Those who suffer from dental caries in theit front teeth

Those who are unhappy about the filling borders on their front teeth

Those who have one or several teeth in front of or behinde others

Those who have an undesired gap between two jaws when closed